Raymond Diaz 



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Election Day: April 18th & 19th

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Hello Middlebury! My name is Raymond Diaz (he/him), and I am a first-generation, Mexican-American from the Bronx, NY. Here at Midd I am majoring in Sociology with double minors in Education Studies and Mathematics. Although I am new to the SGA, I am no stranger to leadership and supporting every community I have ever had the privilege of joining. I have been a peer education facilitator for JusTalks since my first-year because I recognized the importance of creating conversations about social justice issues that often don’t get discussed in the classroom. This coming fall will start my third year of service on ResLife where I’ve learned that the vast array of campus resources need to be further explained, especially to first-generation college students, so all Midd kids can learn how to best utilize them. This year, I’ve also had the privilege of serving as President of Distinguished Men of Color (DMC) which has been the highlight of my service to Middlebury. DMC is a group of BIPOC folx that support each other both academically and socially to succeed in college by building community through different bonding events!  


My Vice President and I are both future educators that care deeply about alleviating the inequities that the pandemic highlighted but have always existed here at Midd. Students from marginalized identities continue to need the most support, and I will commit myself and my future Cabinet to amplifying those voices as SGA President. We aim to work closer to the many different student cultural organizations on campus than any other previous administration because they are great spaces that already give a voice to historically marginalized folx.  


Meet the other member of the Dream Team that will support me and support you!


Evelyn Magdaleno (she/her)

Hi Middlebury! I’m Evelyn Magdaleno (she/her). I’m a first-generation Mexican-American from the South-West side of Chicago. I am currently a sophomore double majoring in History and Education Studies. Like Raymond, I am new to SGA but have held leadership roles in all communities I have been a part of. In high school, I had the opportunity to be a teacher’s assistant, which solidified my interest in becoming an educator. This has also shaped my involvement here on campus. I have had the pleasure of working with Raymond as a peer education facilitator for JusTalks, as well as being a Co-Coordinator for the program. 


My time here at Middlebury did not start off the best, being a Latina at a predominantly white institution was a difficult adjustment to make. As Vice President, I am dedicated to working alongside Raymond and our cabinet to make the experiences of every future Midd kid better and smoother than our own. By working closely with cultural organizations, as well as bringing better resources for marginalized students to campus, we believe we can make this happen.